In our Home for Young Workers, we welcome 16 to 30 year-old young people, without child, employees, interns, students, seeking a job.

Yes! but we cannot exceed the quota empowered by administrative authorities. If you are a student, employed with a non-student social security number, you are considered as young worker (preferential option).

Yes, but we advise you to apply as soon as possible and to pay a deposit to save your dwelling.


So that your file be quickly studied: it must be completed. So, we advise you to gather all necessary documents and to send them at one go to the residence. Nevertheless, if you cannot supply all requested documents, you can attach a notation to your file, explaining why the latter is uncompleted and when you will have your supporting documents.

It is a guarantee for our Home; this money is given you back when leaving, if no degradation in the room is noticed and if you are up-to-date with your rental charge. It corresponds to one month of rental charge. You can also make a “visale” request (a zero-interest loan to get a cash advance for your security deposit) when stepping in.

You can resiliate at any time after giving a written notice, 8 days before your departure.

Any (radio, hair-dryer, iron, kettle, coffee-maker, computer, and refrigerator), except electrical hotplates or gaz cookers which are strictly forbidden.

Yes! According to your current professional situation, according to your base income and to the previous trimestrial income. If you benefit from any help, it will be directly paid to our home and deducted from your fee. At our home, there is no month of default for Health Benefits, you can benefit from it from the first month (after acceptance of your file by the FCA (CAF)). The proceedings may take long (up to 3 months).

The deposit is returned in a timelimit of one month except in case of degradation of the room: an invoice will be established according to damages of any kind caused by the tenants.