Who are we?

Our Story

Sainte Constance Residence invites you to write how the story continues on each day.

Far more than just accommodation

Creation of Sainte Constance Foundation by Mr. and Mrs HOLANDRE-PIQUEMAL following the early passing, at the age of 17, of Constance, their only daughter. They devoted part of their fortune to a charity in favor of working-class maidens.

Building of a home Rue Saint Marcel, Metz, to welcome and raise 4 to 10-year-old young orphan girls, and this, until they reach their majority at the age of 21.

The HOLANDRE-PIQUEMAL spouses gave buildings to Metz Civil Hospices, committing to afford its upkeep and ensure its smooth working, while reserving the right to run it. After the couple’s deaths, the Hospices’ Boarding of Administration permanently took possession of the orphenage.

The orphenage was under the leading of the Sœurs de Saint Vincent de Paul Congregation, but as the latter could no more ensure the smooth working, the Home at the rue Saint Marcel ceased any activity. It followed then a long-lasting procedure facing the Board of State in order to get the necessary derogations to open a new home, better suited to the times’ needs.

Sainte Constance Home for young workers was born by decree from the Board of State approving the new statutes. A new home was edificated at the Sablon.

Sir Raymond MONDON, Minister of Transportation and Mayor of Metz, set the first stone at the current place.

Sir Jean-Marie RAUSCH, Mayor of Metz and Mrs MAIRET, Manageress, inaugurated the home.

The primary vocation of Sainte Constance has fitted to the needs of current times by welcoming girls, but also boys.

The organization still remains in these same premises celebrating 45 years of operation.

Our Duties

Sainte Constance Home for young workers’ mission is to welcome, accommodate and support young people in such matters as training, job seeking, dwelling, health, culture, and leasures. The task is characterized by a strong social concern as the goal is to help these young people to find “their place” in society.

Our Values


The many years of experience of the Home witness the efficiency and the expertise of our team.


We provide a warm and polite welcome to the residents and to people outside the residence. 2 facets feature the residence: a friendly mood and a family feeling between people.

Opening to diversity

There are different cultures inside the residence which allows to open up to new perspectives for personnal and professional development.


Each one benefits from the same treatment, whatever his/her situation and status.

Our Team

Our team is listening to you

Thanks to the synergy of each one’s strengths,

Sainte Constance can rely on its collective performance to meet the residents’ needs.